Coppice Manual

Resize Pages

Pages on a Canvas can be resized to best fit their content. Text Pages can be resized freely, though Image Pages will maintain their aspect ratio while being resized

Resize a Page on a Canvas

Pages can be resized in multiple ways

  • With the mouse
    1. Hover over the page to resize
    2. Move the mouse to the corner or edge you wish to resize from
    3. When the cursor changes to a resize cursor click and drag the mouse to being resizing
    4. Once the page is the size you wish, release the mouse button
  • From the inspector
    1. Select the page you wish to resize
    2. Click on the Width or Height field in the Page Layout inspector
    3. Enter the new value for the Page width/height
    4. Hit enter or navigate to another control
      Alternatively click the stepper next to the text field to increase/decrease by 1

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