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A Coppice Pro subscription allows you to unlock all of Coppice's features on up to 3 Macs.

Canvas Link Highlighting

Improved Image Linking

Automatic Page Linking

Thoughts. Ideas. We all have them.

Often too many to keep in our head, so we write them down.

All too often this is where we leave them, forgotten and alone...

What if you had some help in making sense of them all?

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What's New

Coppice gets great new features all the time.
Here are some highlights from recent updates:

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Multiple links to Pages

You can now add multiple links to the same page on a Canvas, opening up whole new possibilities of linking your thoughts together

Canvas Link Highlighting

Hovering over a link highlights all instances of that link on a Canvas, letting you find where links are going or coming from

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Canvas Link Deletion

Canvas links are now first-class citizens and can be deleted without having to close any pages

How Does Coppice Work?

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Collect Your Thoughts…

Add your thoughts and ideas to Coppice as Pages

Pages can be as big or small as you want, from the simplest thought to the grandest idea

Let Them Grow!

Combine Pages and Links on a Canvas and you can see your thoughts branching out. Canvases grow as your thoughts do, expanding in all directions to fit whatever you can come up with.

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Coppice Pro

Subscribing to Coppice Pro gives you access to all of Coppice's functionality, including:

Unlimited Canvases

Unlocking Coppice Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of Canvases in each document, letting you make sense of your thoughts from many different angles

Page Folders

Over time your documents will grow to contain many Pages. Coppice Pro can help you keep your sidebar organised by grouping pages into folders.

Improved Image Linking

Gain more control over exactly what parts of your images are hotspots with additional options for oval and polygon hotspots.

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Automatic Page Linking

Thoughts and ideas don't live in isolation. Upgrade to Pro and Coppice can help you connect your thoughts by automatically linking pages for you.

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Custom Appearance

Feel like changing things up? With Coppice Pro you can customise your Canvas appearance, including selecting the theme each Canvas uses.

Flexible Canvas Links

Coppice Pro gives you even more power when linking. Have multiple links going to a single page, or even create new links between already existing pages.

Start getting the most out of your thoughts and ideas

Download Coppice Version 2023.1 • 11.4 MB Requires macOS 12.0+
Buy Coppice Pro $19.99/year