Live Streaming App Development

M Cubed Dev Stream

Software development can be a bit of an opaque process. If you ever wondered how exactly the apps you use get built then the M Cubed Development Stream is what you need.

Watch the process of designing, building, marketing, and shipping software live on Twitch through an interactive environment. Chat with the developers, give input on new features, ask questions on software development or just hang out while getting your own work done.

Watch along below or at

About the Stream

The Dev Stream is a new type of stream called a VIPO stream, standing for Virtual Interactive Puppet Overlay. It is essentially a game environment in which a 3D avatar can run around.

It is also can be influenced by viewers who are able to redeem channel rewards to trigger interactive events in the overlay.

The M Cubed Dev Stream’s overlay is built using Unity and Blender.


The M Cubed Dev Stream is live on the following days:

Mon -
TueNo Stream
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FriNo Stream
SatNo Stream
Sun -
All times UK time