Coppice Manual

Deactivate a Device

You may find that you want to remove a device from your Coppice Pro subscription, for example if you get a new computer. You can deactivate a device at any time, freeing up a slot for another Mac to be activated.

Deactivate a Mac from inside Coppice
  1. Select Coppice > Preferences… (⌘,) from the menu bar
  2. Click on the Coppice Pro tab
  3. Click Deactivate Device
Deactivate a Mac from your M Cubed account
  1. Go to in your browser
  2. Enter your M Cubed Account email into the Email field
  3. Enter your M Cubed Account password into the Password field
  4. Click Log In
  5. Find the subscription you wish to remove a device from and click Manage Subscription
  6. Under Devices, find the device you wish to deactivate. Click Deactivate

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