Coppice Manual

Add a Page to a Canvas

Canvases can contain as many pages as you like. A page can appear on multiple Canvases, or even multiple times on the same Canvas.

Add existing Pages to a Canvas

Existing Pages can be added to Canvases in multiple ways:

  • From the sidebar

    1. Click and drag a Page on the sidebar
    2. Drag onto the Canvas
    3. Drop the Page onto the Canvas editor
      Alternatively, drop onto a Canvas in the Canvas List
  • From the menu bar
    1. Select Canvases from the sidebar
    2. Select the Canvas to add Pages to from the Canvas List
    3. Select Canvas > Add Page… (^⌘A) from the menu bar
    4. The Page selector will appear. Start typing to search for the Page you want to add
    5. Click on the Page you want to add
      Alternatively use the up and down arrow keys to choose a Page and then hit the enter key to add that Page
  • From a Page Link
    1. Click a Page Link on a Page already on the Canvas
Create Pages on a Canvas

Creating a Page using any method while a Canvas is open will also add that Page to the Canvas. You can also create Pages directly on a Canvas:

  1. Right click on the background of the Canvas editor
  2. Select New Page from the context menu
  3. Choose the type of Page to create

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