Coppice Manual

Creating a Document

To get started with Coppice you need to first create a document. Coppice Documents contain your Pages and Canvases. We recommend creating a new Coppice Document for each separate project you work on (for example, a student may create separate documents for Science, History, etc, or a writer may create a separate document per book).

Create a Coppice Document
  1. Open Coppice by clicking on Coppice in the Dock, Launchpad, or Applications folder.
  2. Click on the New… button in in the Welcome to Coppice window.
    Alternatively select File > New Document (⌘N) from the menu bar
  1. Start adding Pages and Canvases to your document.
Saving a Coppice Document

Your document will save automatically as you work. To give your document a name or save it to a particular location:

  1. Choose File > Save (⌘S) from the menu bar
  2. Name the document and then select a location to save to
  3. Click Save

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