Coppice Manual

Add a Canvas Link

Canvas Links show a link between two pages on a canvas. These are created for you if you click on a page link on a canvas to add a page. However, there are also ways to add canvas links between pages that are already on a canvas

Add Link to Existing Page
  1. Open the Canvas you wish to add the link to
  2. Command-click on a Page Link

If the linked page already exists, a Canvas Link will be created between the two pages. If the page does not exist it will be added to the canvas

Add Link to Existing Pages by Default (Pro only)

By default Coppice will open a new copy of a page on a canvas when you click on a page link, and link to an existing page when command-clicking. With a Coppice Pro subscription you swap that behaviour

  1. Select Coppice > Settings… (⌘,) from the menu bar
  2. Click on the General tab
  3. Check Link to existing pages by default
Create New Link Between Existing Pages (Pro only)
  1. Start editing the Page you wish to create a link between
  2. Select the text or image hotspot you wish to create a link on
  1. Select Canvas > Link to Page (⌥⌘L) from the menu bar
  2. Move the mouse cursor over the page you wish to select, it will highlight
  3. Click on the highlighted page

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