Coppice Manual


Part of the UI

  • Sidebar - The left-most column of the window, containing a list of pages and folders
  • Inspector - The right-most column of the window, containing controls to edit the current selection
  • Editor - The central column of the window, allowing you to edit a page or canvas
  • Toolbar - The top of the of the window, containing controls for creating, editing, and searching in your document

Common UI

  • Page - Contains your content. Pages come in various types, such as text and image. Pages can appear on multiple canvases, and even appear multiple times on the same canvas, but they all represent the same Page
  • Canvas - Canvases let you visually lay out pages and view links between them.
  • Page Link - A link inside a page content. For example, a text link or an image hotspot.
  • Canvas Link - A link between pages on a canvas, shown as an arrow between the two pages
  • Folder - A folder contains pages and other folders, used for organising the sidebar
  • Hotspot - A hotspot is a region drawn over an image that can be assigned a link.

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