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Coppice: Coming Very Soon

Coppice has been a labour of love for the past 16 months. But now is the time to get Coppice into your hands and to see what you can do with it.


Coppice: Beyond Release

The initial release of any app is a balancing act between shipping the app quickly and adding as many features as possible. Today we take a look at where Coppice is going in future


Coppice Pro

Today we're going to take a look at how we're planning to fund Coppice's ongoing development.


Designing for Accessibility

Accessibility is something near and dear to our hearts at M Cubed Software. So when it came to developing Coppice, accessibility was high on the priority list.


Why Create Coppice?

Last week we took a look at Coppice's features and interface, looking at what Coppice is. This week we'd like to take a step back and talk about why Coppice exists.

A list on the left side shows previews of each canvas. The majority of the image shows a canvas with several pages containing text laid out. Arrows go from the centre page to various pages surrounding it.


Exploring Coppice

Last week we launched the Coppice website, where you can learn what Coppice is and the concepts behind it. This week we want to delve deeper into the actual app and show you what these concepts look like in practice.