Sneak Peek

Paragraph Styling

Welcome to our first Sneak Peek post. Sneak Peek will show features that we're working on for the next version of Coppice. These features will often still be in development so are subject to change before release. In this post we'll look at the new Paragraph Styling options we're adding to Coppice.

Coppice 2020.1 already has support for text styling, allowing you to change the font, size, and colour of some text. However, the options for styling paragraphs is limited to just the alignment. Given the importance of text pages in Coppice, we wanted to focus our first update on giving you more flexibility.

When you edit a text page in the new version of Coppice, you will see a new Paragraph inspector on the right. It allows you to change 4 attributes of a paragraph.

The paragraph inspector with controls in 3 rows. The first is a segmented control for alignment. The second row has text fields and steppers for changing the line height and paragraph spacing. The third row has a pop up button for editing a list
A text page in coppice with a sheet appearing over it. The sheet has options for customising a list, including the bullet/number, any prefix or suffix, and the starting number.

We had actually hoped to ship these changes today as version 2020.2, but unfortunately we hit a few snags during development. So rather than rush the feature out we've decided to delay the release until next year (where it will appear as 2021.1). Giving you a quality update is more important than an arbitrary deadline

However, we were able to fix some bugs in Coppice so we've packaged those up as 2020.1.2, which you can download now using Coppice's built in software update, or from the Coppice website.